Tudor second - hand watches recycling market

In the second-hand watches recycling market, Rolex's strength is the top, and Tudor Rolex has been the image of the card as a show, the price is much cheaper than the Rolex, but many watches the quality, technology and Rolex is exactly the same, Today, Xiaobian to bring you the quality does not lose Rolex Dwarf, but the price is cheaper than the water ghost rudder Diving watch, mainly to introduce the following paragraphs. The first: Tudor small red flowers Tudor small red flower and the rolex replica uk Dwarf case of the structure is exactly the same, are using Rolex's patented Oyster design, this design greatly improves the watch waterproof performance for small red flowers dive escort, diving can be as deep as 200 meters of professional diving depth. Little red flower is very simple, only the iconic Tomahawk pointer and the origin of retro standard, red diving ceramic outer ring, polite, even if the dress is also wearing the identity. Second: Tudor small orchids Shell structure and Tudor small red flowers exactly the same, even the strip can be interchangeable, the only difference is that the color mix, Tudor small orchid is the dive chronograph circle is blue, blue appearance unique style, suiwatch for mature and swatch Without losing a Pentium heart to wear, a very low-key in the past, but carefully with the fiber strap, instantly young-year-old, food for thought. Third: Tudor ax ax titanium shell Tudor Tomahawk appearance and the top of the swiss replica watches small orchids and small red flowers the same, but the material is very different, Tomahawk is a titanium shell material, with a light and hard characteristics, so the ax above the two watches light , But more wear-resistant, a long time, as always, timeless. Tomahawk is all black, cool full, if with a black rubber strap, think will be cool. Fourth: Tudor small copper flower Tudor small copper flower structure or structure with the above are the same, but the material used on the retro bronze, full of retro charm, and over time, will leave traces of years gone. And is only a leather watch strap, belt color and watch colors are very match, get started with the full leisure sports. Fifth: Tudor left-handed Tudor brought the appearance of a new 'left-handed' watch. But basically, in terms of technology and style, the new style does not transform the place, only the crown position moved from 9:00 to 3:00. This design is very suiwatch for those who are used to the left hand or those who like to wear the watch on the right. This Pelagos LHD watch case size size of 42mm, with 2 titanium alloy carefully crafted, and the complete treatment by the rolex replica watches matte process, the more level texture. In response to changes in the position of the crown caused by changes in the movement of orientation, helium valve was placed to 3 o'clock position. Strap is still using titanium alloy material bracelet (with a super easy to use self-conditioning chain with the installation, Tudor patent), while the same as before, watch box also provides a black rubber strap and extension accessories.