Jaeger - LeCoultre watch recycling

The Geophysic Geophysical Observatory series, born in 1958, is remade in 2014, and the classic series is reinterpreted with retro, elegant design and excellent functionality. The new TourbillonUniversalTime World Time Flight Tourbillon watch is the latest work of the Geophysical Observatory series, is launched in 2015 Geophysic Tourbillon Universal Time based on the addition of flying tourbillon, because this is the first time zone with the world tourbillon flywheel function Combined with the uk replica watches, but also the product's third paragraph with Gyrolab balance wheel Tourbillon watch, so particularly attention, and the new watch will be unveiled in the upcoming SIHH officially unveiled. The Tourbillon Universal Time is the focus of attention with the Gyrolab's tourbillon. Introduced in 2007, the Master Compressor Extreme LAB product family first released the Gyrolab balance wheel, the platinum and iridium alloy to create a double-wishbone wheel with "work" -shaped arm to replace the traditional ring arm, through a significant reduction in surface area Reduce air resistance, the design can be seen on the outline of the brand JL logo. Reverso Gyrotourbillon launched in 2016 in the same use of the patent balance wheel design, is also no accident to be carried in the new Geophysic Tourbillon Universal Time, through the tourbillon device presented on the face plate. And here to carry one minute flying tourbillon with three-frame, part of the frame mining acute angle design, refer to the bottom of the scale can be used as a small second hand. The tourbillon volume is replica watches uk too large to occupy a little space outside the face plate, so the design must be 24 hours to adjust the rotating ring to the outside of the rotation will not be affected, but fixed in the inner 24-hour city ring Auckland words were cut Some of the. Previously mentioned Geophysic Tourbillon Universal Time is based on the previous Geophysic Universal Time to add flying tourbillon device, the face plate layout will be 4:30 position to release the tourbillon, but because the volume is too large tourbillon, slightly occupied To the face plate outside the space. So Geophysic Tourbillon Universal Time Geophysic Universal Time in the design of the two outer ring of the Geophysic Universal Time, the original position in the inner 24-hour rotating ring with a fixed 24 time zone city ring swap, this will not affect the flight tourbillon 24-hour rotation of the rotating function of the ring, but this way the 24 time zone city ring Auckland words have swiss replica watches been cut off some of the. The new world map face plate with arc arch design, blue carved carved twisted stripe design of the marine part of the show a more profound beauty. In addition, Geophysic Tourbillon Universal Time another visual focus is the face of the central plate of the world map, the new world map face plate with a curved arch design, especially the use of blue carved carved twisted stripe design of the ocean part of the more Showing a deep sense of beauty, contrast Geophysic Universal Time of the world map more three-dimensional visual sense. According to the limited information, Geophysic Tourbillon Universal Time for platinum material case, watch diameter 43.5 mm, will be limited edition of 100. Further details will be published at SIHH.