Shanghai second - hand Vacheron Constantin watch recycling

For the first time I heard the film "The World" was released in 1991 by the brother (Leslie Cheung) and the hair brother (Chow Yun Fat) played "vertical and horizontal" movie, with many classic plot and scenes it was quickly welcomed by everyone , Has become a classic masterpiece. Wearing a "universal" replica watches vertical and horizontal universal, but also a man of a romantic. Recently a series of new vertical and horizontal series of new watchs, we have to look at it! Diameter of 41 mm stainless steel case, the thickness of 11 mm. Equipped with anti-magnetic soft iron device and screw-in crown, to protect the watch from the magnetic interference for the precise escort when walking. After polished stainless steel case lines smooth, handsome in appearance, with the bracelet / strap perfect connection for the watch watch extra points. Simple by the Rising Sun pattern satin brushed blue dial, with a smooth velvety edge, through the dial can see the pointer on the blue dial of the reflection, the rolex replica is like a pool of clear lake in general, very beautiful. 18K gold hour markers, hour and minute hands with white luminous coating, myopia in a dark environment can also read the time to ensure the best readability. Stainless steel crown with non-slip texture design style, after grinding process, smooth texture and delicate texture, feel more good. Crown decorated with Vacheron Constantin Malta logo, for the watch to add the brand's unique beauty. The same as the steel material of the lug through the grinding process as a whole is very beautiful. Soft stainless steel texture good, with the bracelet / belt connection nature, adding to the overall quality. Back through the process design, direct observation of the uk replica watches operation of the movement. Equipped with a self-developed and manufactured by the Vacheron Constantin 5100 self-winding mechanical movement, including 172 parts, the number of 37 stones, vibration frequency 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz), with 22K gold pendulum (decorated with wind rose compass pattern ), Double barrel (to ensure that the regulator received a swatch power output) to ensure that more than 60 hours of power reserve, the waterproof rating of 150 meters. Geneva inscription engraved movement certification to protect the accuracy of travel time. With the imprint of the Geneva of the Overseas Chinese brand new works will become the brand in the twenty-first century sail masterpiece, the classic simplicity of the small blue plate sunshine, the atmosphere, great male charm,