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IWC was founded in 1868, has a history of 148 years, 1868, IWC launched the first pocket watch, since then, IWC in the Swiss watch industry in many aspects of the special status, but also in the world of watchmaking industry Has a pivotal position. In the IWC rolex replica watches series, with the Swiss watch industry is now the most complete and excellent flight watch series, including the Big Pilot large pilot watch, Mark XVI Mark 16 pilot watch, Spitfire Chrono Spitfire World Time Watch, Spitfire Chrono Fire fighter chronograph chronograph and so on, all love flying watch fans in the IWC can find their own style of flight watch. Of course, IWC watches also Portugal series, elegant Parko Fino series. IW545407 watch to tell you about the world rankings, IWC watches what grades, after reading is not the IWC will have a new understanding. The IW545407 watch World Watch World Ranking Wanguo watch is a luxury brand, belonging to swiss replica watches first class a watch, with the level of Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Cartier, Earl, etc., are Swiss watches. Wanguo watch what grade In the luxury watches, IWC is also among the best, Rolex, Omega, Yu-ship are in it, in China, are high-level who wear, is a status symbol. IWC watches in the world ranking though not really top luxury, but the absolute high-end, IWC is the representative of the high-pay status. Basic Information ? ID: IW545407 Brand: nations Series: Portugal Movement type: manual machinery Gender: Men price Price: ¥ 71000 Euro: 7200 Hong Kong Dollar: HK $ 70000 44mm uk replica watches diameter, black round dial, crown case is stainless steel, black crocodile leather strap and dial seamless, mysterious deep black is to show the charm of men and the quality of the brand. Wanguo watch recycling Careful look at the state of movement, you will find an increase of stop-second function, I believe we all know that before the 1960s, most of the movement are not this function, because there was no demand for this feature, precise control In the middle, in addition, the movement also uses the same year the screw balance, that is, by the small wheel on the balance wheel to adjust the balance wheel orientation difference, or adjust a wide range of time error, the factory later in the balance wheel two Side of the arm, the installation of two weights, I guess it should also be fine-tuning time, with the speed adjustment error with the needle at the same time available through the accuracy of five-position adjustment. Wanguo watch the world rankings, IWC what grade, you watch fans have a general understanding of how I like, I believe you have a heart positioning, more watches recycling, identification of valuation knowledge Welcome to the Wanhu Famous Watches